tdM.HoN Takes 2nd Place at GSL


Trademark eSports would like to officially re-announce the launch of its brand new site after a period of inactivity.  After winning Dreamhack Winter and HonTour cycles in Heroes of Newerth, Trademark is looking to expand itself and has done so primarily by establishing a concrete online site where fans and supporters can get together to follow their favorite eSports team.
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Meet the Player: Limmp


Two brothers.  Torn apart by war, Linus “Limmp” Blomdin seeks to avenge his older brother as he enters the battlefield in various costumes: sometimes a chainsaw-wielding maniac, sometimes a woman of the Emerald Red, and sometimes as  an owl.   Whatever he appears as next he dominates anyone he goes against, even the brother he grew up with.
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Meet the Player: noobG


Born of an ancient ninja clan of the mountain, Lasse “noobG” Jacobsen was raised in a village above the ground in the trees, training to be the perfect weapon – never missing a single kill.   He now farms as a deadly hunter utilizing the trees and the art of deception as he represents Heroes of Newerth as the highest rated player and arguably the world’s deadliest carry.

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Meet the Player: Zai


After the legendary Icefrog had created DOTA, he placed a prophecy of a legendary warrior who would play the long lane and still get a Mock of Brilliance within fifteen minutes.  After many scholars had laughed it off, a traveling minstrel by the name of Ludwig Walhberg summoned his Wildsoul and did what everyone considered to be impossible.   As he began to ride Booboo off into the sunset, the children asked for his name.  “Zai,” he whispered, “Cheerio.”

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Meet the Player: Mynuts


Mynuts: captain, drafter, mystery man extraordinaire.   Not much is known about this mysterious wanderer who found himself leading Trademark eSports and several teams previous to uncontested glory, except that he is also seen around the company of many security guards and scantily clad women.  After tricking him into thinking that he won “Agent of the Year” (no such aware exists), we sat down with him to capture what makes the essence of Johan “Mynuts” Andersson.

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Trademark eSports Qualifies for Thailand!



Trademark eSports Heroes of Newerth team has qualified to compete with Stay Green in the Garena Star League as the North American/European representatives featuring 32 teams from around the world and a $60,000 prize pool.  After dropping the first qualifiers to Stay Green 0-2, Trademark eSports took a strong revenge in the second qualifiers and fought Complexity Gaming off 2-0 in the finals to qualify for the dream trip to Thailand.

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