Meet the Player: Limmp


Two brothers.  Torn apart by war, Linus “Limmp” Blomdin seeks to avenge his older brother as he enters the battlefield in various costumes: sometimes a chainsaw-wielding maniac, sometimes a woman of the Emerald Red, and sometimes as  an owl.   Whatever he appears as next he dominates anyone he goes against, even the brother he grew up with.

Limmp interview

Care to introduce yourself to those who aren’t as familiar as we are with you?
My name is Linus Blomdin, I am 17 years old and I live in Sweden. Ingame I am more known for my nickname Limmp where I play competetivly HoN with Trademark eSports.

Can you tell us a brief history of yourself as a player?
I haven’t really had any big success before this team. I started in a team called from Pubstars [fpbs] where I learned how to play competetive HoN and from there i’ve been in teams like HoNPortal [PORT] and TiG [Team It's Gosu].

What role do you play?
I mostly play on the mid lane as a ganker or soloing another lane.

What makes Trademark eSports better than the other teams out there?
We have a good drafter/leader and a good playstyle.

You have been moving teams lately after the disbanding of Blackfade.  How’s that been in terms of your in-game performance?
It was a good change for tdM in my opinion because now everyone can focus on their role instead of switching up every single game.

When have you started playing MOBA games, namely DOTA/ HoN?
HoN was the first MOBA game I played and I started playing it in late beta.

Did you think you’d be where you are today?
Not at all, I didn’t really play it more than for fun til I started playing with a team but even then I didn’t think I would be in a team as good as this.

Did you look up to any players, or were there people you played with in the beginning?
I thought Testie and Chu were awesome because they always bought a PK (Portal Key).

Many people have switched to DOTA 2 with good reason.  Why are you staying here?
I simply don’t enjoy playing dota 2 because of how “laggy” it feels when u come from HoN and I haven’t gotten bored of playing this game yet so I see no reason to switch.

Who are your favorite three heroes to play?
Zephyr, Scout and Bubbles

What three heroes do you hate going against?
Ophelia, Devourer and Succubus.

Fun Questions:

Blonde or brunette?  Brunette

Superpower?  Invisibility

Favorite drink?  Milk

Favorite hobby outside of video games?  Playing soccer.

If you had to room with another gamer, who would it be and why?  HeatoN because he is a legend and has big biceps.

League of Legends, or DotA 2?  Dota 2

Favorite TV show?  Suits, Entourage and Dexter.

Anything else you’d like to say?  Not really, thanks for having me on and shoutout to Trademark Esports for being big.