Meet the Player: Mynuts


Mynuts: captain, drafter, mystery man extraordinaire.   Not much is known about this mysterious wanderer who found himself leading Trademark eSports and several teams previous to uncontested glory, except that he is also seen around the company of many security guards and scantily clad women.  After tricking him into thinking that he won “Agent of the Year” (no such aware exists), we sat down with him to capture what makes the essence of Johan “Mynuts” Andersson.

Mynuts interview

Care to introduce yourself to those who aren’t as familiar as we are with you?
“My name is Johan “Mynuts” Andersson and I am the captain and drafter for Trademark eSports.”
Can you tell us a brief history of yourself as a player?
“I started playing competitive HoN back in the late summer of 2011 in TEAM WINSTON CHARMADON together with Fittske, Skyzoe, s4 and Jonassomfan. In our first tournament, and I think it even was our first tournament game ever, we beat MSI. We instantly got contacted by Lions who picked us up, I really think that sponsorship was great for us because the motivation it gave us helped propel us to the top. We finished 3rd at DHW 2011 which was a huge disappointment since we were favorites to win. It was however the first LAN tournament for pretty much everyone in our team, and we rectified it by winning NASL a week later. Lions then disbanded and I went on a hiatus playing Diablo III for a while before I came back to HoN to ring for TteS at DHS 2012.”
What role do you play?
“I Jungle – that’s my role.   Why do you even ask?”
What makes Trademark eSports better than the other teams out there?
“Trademark GAMING is better than all the other teams because Limmp is a beast, noobG only lives once and zai` is the Complexity slayer.”
When have you started playing MOBA games, namely DOTA/ HoN?

“Heroes of Newerth beta.
Did you think you’d be where you are today?

Did you look up to any players, or were there people you played with in the beginning?

“Fly #1″

Many people have switched to DOTA 2 with good reason.  Why are you staying here?

I’m way too old to make a transition, if anything I should consider retiring.”
Who are your favorite three heroes to play?

Dampeer, Legionaire, and Wretched Hag.”
What three heroes do you hate going against?

“Dragon, Dargon, and Draconis.”

Fun Questions:

Blonde or brunette? Blonde

Superpower? Yes.

Favorite drink? Coke

Favorite hobby outside of video games? Outside?

If you had to room with another gamer, who would it be and why? Diva, because sexy time.

League of Legends, or DotA 2? DotA 2

Favorite TV show? Arrested Development

Anything else you’d like to say? Potato.  Shoutout to Trademark GAMING and our sponsors: Razer, Raidcall, and Twitch TV.