Trademark eSports Qualifies for Thailand!


Trademark eSports Heroes of Newerth team has qualified to compete with Stay Green in the Garena Star League as the North American/European representatives featuring 32 teams from around the world and a $60,000 prize pool.  After dropping the first qualifiers to Stay Green 0-2, Trademark eSports took a strong revenge in the second qualifiers and fought Complexity Gaming off 2-0 in the finals to qualify for the dream trip to Thailand.

After an exciting game which saw Complexity nearly take the first game, and picking Pebbles in both games, Trademark eSports mixed up the lineup with interesting picks that have not been seen in the competitive scene in a long time, showing the variety of strategies that Mynuts and his teammates had planned and practiced for.

Monkey King made a show after being successful against TTeSports just the day before in a 2-1 victory, Limmp played a suicide Pharaoh who harassed middle lane continuously when just the game before, he had played a farming Aluna, and NoobG was tossed onto a Hammerstorm to back Zai up on Wildsoul as a secondary carry.

After a long two games that saw Complexity gracefully give up their seat in Thailand, I took a late night seat with Love “Fittske” Brandstrom to talk about the recent success and what to look forward to.

First of all, how does it feel to go to the other side of the world to play the game you love?

“Feels really good to finally have it “secured”, the first qualifier was a huge blunder from us and we we’re a bit nervous going into the second   one. But everything turned out great and I’m really looking forward to the trip, the culture, the competition, it’s all going to be amazing.”

 I bet nobody expected Stay Green to not only beat Complexity but also Trademark as well.  How did Mynuts, or specifically the team react after that?

“We knew sG had stepped up their game a lot the last couple of weeks, but it still came as a bit of a shock that they beat us as easily as they did. At first we were really bumed out about it, we eventually got past it and I think we showed that we are able to pull ourselves out of a slump.”

We saw a lot of heroes we haven’t seen for a long time – Monkey King on Noobg, and suicide Pharaoh on Limmp.  Should we expect more interesting pickups in Thailand?

“We’re always looking to pick up new heroes, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. There’s a couple of aces up our sleeves, if we choose to reveal them at GSL or at the HoNtour finals in Vegas time can only tell!”

The different HoN scenes all over the world will bring different metas and strategies – are you guys looking to counter these and study them, or just play your own game?

“It’s hard for us to get replays etc from CIS and SEA teams, so the easiest way for us to perform good in Thailand is to trust our own game. We simply have to make them play our game, not the other way around and we are excellent at that.”

Thank you for your time, any shoutouts?

Shoutout to our sponsors: Razer, Twitch, and Raidcall.   Shoutout to Trademark eSports and the BangBangCrew!