Andrew “AvuKamu” Yoon (Press Management)


My name is Andrew Yoon and I am the Press Manager at Trademark eSports.  A Korean-American from Chicago, Illinois, I am twenty (20) years old and a student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  I began writing in middle school for blogs and writing reviews of different TV shows and miscellaneous events that seemed to interest people.  I honestly love writing and as a representative of Trademark eSports, I hope to bring you the stories to keep you fans up-to-date as much as possible with what’s going on with Trademark.

Vano “Syth” Qochladze (Video Editor)


My name is Vano “Syth” Quchladze and I am the Video Editor for Trademark eSports.  I am sixteen (16) years old and I live in Europe.  I currently reside in Tbilisi, Georgia and I’ve been interested in computer programming, graphics, and video editing for a while.  I’ve started video editing about four years ago  and I’ve been making a wide variety of videos since then, from music videos and remixes to video montages and shorts.  I love competitive eSports and I hope you fans can enjoy my works as I try my best with a long-term partnership with Trademark eSports. Cheers!

Alex “redeye” Raptaki (Graphics Designer Team Lead)


My name is Alexander “Redeye998” Raptakis and I am the Graphics Design of Trademark eSport from the Heraklion of Crete, Greece.  I am twenty (20) years old and I currently study economics at the University of Crete – as a hobby, I began working on graphic designing in the Fan Media section of the Heroes of Newerth forums just when Custom Account Icons have been released from S2.  I wanted to help the community grow and I learned new things while extending my knowledge in what I loved.  Now with Trademark eSports, I would appreciate it if you guys can check out what we have to show you as we continue our support in the competitive eSports.  Let’s do this!

Andrew “Pijin” Clark (Graphics Designer)


My name is Andrew Clark and I am currently the graphics designer for Trademark eSports along with my colleague, Alex Rapt.  I live in Durban, South Africa and attend the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal.  I am nineteen years old (19) and  my hobbies include tennis, playing the drum set, and naturally, Heroes of Newerth.  I started graphic designing barely a year ago in the Fan Media section of the forums where I helped create custom icons with Alex for players and other members of the S2 community.  After much hard work, I am finally situated at Trademark eSports where I can hope to share my talent with all you wonderful fans and be part of a top competitive sponsor, truly a dream come true.