To the general public and our fans alike,
Trademark is professional gaming team in the newly emerging industry of eSports! For about a decade and a half, prize pools in the order of $100,000+ have been offered to teams of players who compete against each other in video game tournaments. This competition is what spawned the eSports industry.  Since then, more interest, participation and support has driven eSports towards a much larger audience. Two of the teams that have been most successful in this sphere are Fnatic and Evil Geniuses, both of whom I encourage you to check out. Trademark, and other “pro” teams are following the path that
others paved ahead at the very beginning, and together we hope to lay the next steps down for future teams that want to participate in hardcore video gaming.
Now that you have an idea of what our industry is, it’s time to look specifically at Trademark eSports.  We started back in September 2011, with our first game division being the ‘moba-rts’ Heroes of Newerth. It’s with that HoN team that our track record of tournament victory success began, and we’ve been holding ourselves to that standard ever since. Our staff is comprised exclusively of gamers, having been hand-picked from the gaming communities in which Trademark’s teams compete. Such a
staff is what makes the difference in our team; we are passionate about gaming successfully, and we enjoy every minute of, because we are doing what we love. Everyone in our organization is working hard to help gaming reach a larger audience, to see that next major Million dollar tournament, and to see players with unparalleled skills develop and being supported to the extent where they can continue performing and entertaining everyone within the gaming community.
We started with Heroes of Newerth, but we haven’t stopped there. Trademark competes in many different video games that have competitive scenes; a competitive scene being any game where players compete for cash prizes. We are always looking for upcoming talent to develop and showcase as part of our team. If you think you’re that next talent, don’t hesitate to apply. :) We show many up and coming gamers that they can be successful doing what they love if they are focused and serious about
their performance.
Though the industry has been partially pioneered by long-standing teams, there is still much work to be done. This gaming sphere is always changing, and it takes skilled, motivated, and creative individuals to join teams and help shape the future of pro gaming. As players, teams, and leagues develop, we can’t say exactly what the future will hold, but Trademark will be part of the endeavor; existing at the highest level of gaming competition and producing the strongest teams that any game in which we compete will see.
John Jenkinson
Trademark Founder & CEO